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09 February 2018


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Thankyou Sylvester for the observation. I quite agree with your point on having a vibrant human resources oriented management at our NBC provincial radio stations across the country.

Corporate plan after corporate plan yet we are struggling to modernise to cross cutting technology in the media industry.

There are many contributing factors that affect NBC but I believe good management will make a difference. An academic once told me a corporate plan or policy is just as good as the implementers.

As a work colleague, I support your call. NBC needs Directors who are focused on productivity of the staff and do not use assets under their discretion for personal gain.

Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you Sylvester for sharing this story. It definitely is heart warming to know that there are people in our beautiful country who love what they do and have respect and integrity.

Imagine the power we all possess to love our people and our country to change for a vibrant and informed society.

Thank you NBC East Sepik for setting an example to all walks of life. Thank you for demonstrating that it's not about the lights and glamour.

Instead, it is that of a quiet and contrite heart and that in All our ways we are to acknowledge Him (God) and He shall direct our paths.

Thank you for committing and contributing meaningfully to our beautiful country, Papua New Guinea. God bless you all and your loved ones.

NBC in Lorengau is pretty good too.

You have rekindled my memories, Sylvester Gawi, of my time at the NBC in the 1980s when I trained as a technical officer and later switching to broadcasting.

These were the times when NBC was indeed the sole 'Voice of the Nation', when we ate hotel-style meals at a proper mess at Wonga Estate, when we could claim overtime and so on. It was so good in those days.

Congratulations to Anna Klawe. Keep working hard. You and your committed staff have indeed seen the difficulties our country is facing.

You have done well to make use of available resources. Your provincial administrators seem to understand the importance of radio and a well informed population.

Continue to work hard, not to satisfy the bosses or the political masters, but to honour God from whom all things come. He will continue to bless you, not only in the work place but in your families and individual lives.

Remember, 'The Father of the Nation' Sir Michael Somare began his work at Radio Wewak. He, Sir Tei Abal and other such natural leaders ensured PNG remained united.

Sir Michael retired well and still lives. God has blessed him and Lady Veronica with full and fruitful lives.

Thank you Sylvester for this story.

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