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26 February 2018


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I had a great time and it was a night full of laughter.

Shouldn't that sign in the photograph say 'Merge Left' Keith?

I sent the following email to Sue Ahearn this morning -

Hi Sue, Most remiss of me not to seek you out and introduce myself at Sean’s Tribute Dinner. However, I would now like to congratulate you on organising such a wonderful evening.

“Profound” I think best describes it - an unforgettable mix of pathos, reflection and humour. Humour of course being a staple of Sean’s natural environment.

Maybe I should get out more, but I have never experienced an evening where so many were so genuinely captured by one they so admired. I am so pleased I attended. Good on you.

Indeed, it was a brilliant night and I also felt honoured to be present.

Sean was in sparkling form and is courageously facing the next stage of his life and the battle with a disease which has already started to rob him of some of his mobility.

Messages of goodwill for Sean came from far and wide and we missed those old PNG and ABC chums not able to be present for the occasion.

Keith and were in our thoughts too and many people mentioned your names. However, we understand that Keith's recent back surgery kept you both away. You were not forgotten.

Adding to the "50 on the wait list" will surely be many readers of PNG Attitude. Goodo, Sean.

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