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18 February 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

Where in PNG, expedition of process is so strenuous and swift, it almost warrants applause, yet this saga has many agasp.

Can such skill as here either arrayed against an incumbent or acting against decision(s) of a council at earlier time(s), also be applied in exposé of malignancy and malevolence elsewhere more evident?

Wilson Pakalu

It’s great Schram had achieved certain milestones while VC but I think those allegations are serious and he needs to explain.

Wesley Waninara

PNGUT under Dr Albert Schram was the first university in PNG to introduce a compulsory admission test for all school leaver (Grade 12) applicants to their courses for the 2017 academic year.

The Grade 12 leavers of 2016 were the first to undergo the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). The introduction and use of STAT arose as a result of reported widespread cheating in the Grade 12 HSC exams by schools in certain parts of the country.

I was privileged to have started communicating with Dr Schram on introducing STAT to PNGUT in 2012.

STAT is a tertiary aptitude test developed and managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). It is used widely by universities in Australia, as well as by some universities in New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.

The main purpose of STAT is to measure candidates’ capacity to perform rather than their demonstrated performance at the school level.

But most importantly, STAT enables universities to consider candidates’ inherent aptitude or ability, and not just their achievement to date.

The benefits of STAT, in addition to the Grade 12 results alone are immense. For his foresight, Dr Schram ought to be commended.

The PNGUT Council that interviewed all VC candidates including Dr Schram prior to his initial appointment only have to blame themselves.

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