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07 February 2018


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I still have my Yaesu Musen FRG7 in good condition.

In Darwin I listened to the BBC relay from Hong Kong listing the Irish horse Vintage Crop that won that year's Melbourne Cup at 3 to 1 in HK.

I got on at 100 to 6 that morning at the Nightcliff TAB, I'm still lamenting I only put $200 on the nose.

Perfect conditions for that fine large gelding that morning, raining, creating conditions close to heavy going.

Sean Dorney, great bloke. Read most of his articles. Take care buddy.

Good luck Sean in fighting that horrible disease.

A friend of mine who taught in the Southern Highlands has it also. He toured with the PNG rugby league team of 1966.

On another topic, I am not sure if people know this, but the guy who made the decision to close down the shortwave service in the Pacific, was brought up on a plantation near Kokopo. What a terrible decision that was.

Sean was part of my rural PNG experience because pre-TV, mobile phones and videos it was ABC radio that kept us informed of the events outside our small locale. Just like BBC World service helped us too.

I always think of Sean as an Oz version of Alistair Cook famous for his regular BBC radio broadcast ‘Letter from America’ that lasted for nearly 60 years.

Mind you Sean was more Crocodile Dundee style than rather sedate Alistair.

Hope he can beat the statistics for his illness.

The last time I met Sean was when he flew into remote Maramuni government station on a chopper during a national election. I was a presiding officer.

He interviewed me concerning ghost names on the common roll. I explained that even my father who had died many years before was still on the roll and could be the case in many other polling booths in the province and other parts of the highlands. It is still a problem to this day.

Take it easy my friend.

I agree with Sean.

Cutting the shortwave service to the Pacific was one of the dumbest, most irresponsible and heartless decisions the ABC has ever made.

It needs to be re-instated as soon as possible.

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