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22 February 2018


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Oh Penge! Ino long taim ba yumi salim dispela hap ples blong toilet tu, eh laka.

Biggest scandal ever? I do not think so. The Manumanu land is the biggest corporate fraud that we know about.

I was very sad to see aerial shots taken from a drone of my wife's island of Lavongai. It was gazetted in 2008 when I was living in New Ireland. Almost 80% of the island was stolen by 3 SABLs all connected with ex-premier Anis and his cronies.

Not one of my extended family which encompassed several clans via marriage knew of their land being stolen for clear felling. where Malaysian loggers love to get every stick of timber out rather than that minimum size allowed under forestry legislation.

I cannot believe how easily the Lavongai people have accepted it and the ships regularly leave their island loaded with their treasured forest.

It makes me sick to think of my family losing their land for the next 89 years.

What a disgusting PM and his horrible cabal.

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