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25 February 2018


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"However, when everything was said and done many hundreds of thousands of people did not follow through with the support that appeared to be pledged to me mainly through social media" ... because you did not follow through with your anti-corruption sentiments on social media, Sam.

Most supported you because you hated O'Neill in the guts. Now that you back-flipped and become O'Neill's sidekick, do you seriously think they'll be dumb enough to buy your lame excuses? Think again, Sam. Think again. You might as well back-flip on your back-flip.

Piss and wind comes to mind. All same $'sss.

So why the move?
Let's be frank, it portrayed an unprincipled and immature mind.
Waste of time really!

Sam is a Pauline Hanson equal in PNG. I mean not properly schooled.

Anyhow, Sam needs to read Mandela's difficulties on Robben Island (18 years) and Pretoria goal (9 years) to get some inspiration.

Sam, tears prevailing prevent perception of the phrase "thin veil of online chat rooms".

Seems curtains, embroidery as vail and vale, from scenes embroiled in cyber vile.

Supposing online medium yields more than momentary blitz, ought be no surprise.

So by line four, readers might assume this comment is depreciative, but not so.

Support in line five is likely bypassed, though no less is welcome to the yearning in many eyes.

As long as ignorant electorates vote along tribal and clan lines and/or for people promising cargo the revolution that Sam hoped for will never happen.

He obviously reached the same conclusion and thought, bugger it, I'll join the gravy train.

Woe is PNG!

Reality versus perception.

Yes. Faith plus action triumphs.

Faith and hot air is mere hallucination.

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