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20 February 2018


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Albert Schram

Indeed it is confusing. The Council bases its case on one big lie about my doctorate, and now has to tell many other little ones to hide its mistake.

Two key facts to focus on:

1 - A good annual performance review a bit more than one year ago. None of today's allegations - which go back to 2014 - were mentioned at that review.

2 - Key evidence - my certified doctorate - disappeared from my personnel file and was ignored by Council when I presented it.

When things do not make sense in PNG, there are other forces at play. This has little to do with my performance as the Vice-Chancellor of Unitech.

Martyn Awayang Namorong

Well the fact that Unitech's first ground (academic credentials) for dismissing Schram holds no water brings into question whether the remainder have any weight.

Philip Fitzpatrick

This is all very confusing.

People everywhere seem to be firing from the hip.

Perhaps an unbiased and independent assessment needs to be made into it all.

But where do you find an independent and unbiased opinion in PNG these days?

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