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02 February 2018


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Yes, Fr Roche, that's Cr Paul Kurai with Fr Ain. The people in the upper reaches of the Ambum Valley - Londol via Monokam to Lakolam down to Wabag will have a good road system for as long as it lasts.

But for people from Monokam down to CM Par will still be cut off.

We seem to forget that a good road network system is what PNG needs. We also forgot that Mondays were road maintenance days. Em samting bilong ol masta ya, ino blo mipela.

It was a good way for the kiaps to catch up with people too Garry.

Monday morning you'd jump in the old Land Rover and cruise along the roads chatting to people as they helped fill in potholes and clean drains. There were always a few Luluais and Tultuls out too and it was a chance to talk to them. I shovelled a fair bit of gravel into potholes along the way too. Lots of laughs and good cheer and I usually came home with a bag or two of kaukau and a couple of pineapples and pawpaws.

Once the Local Government Councils got established the responsibility seemed to get passed on to them, especially if they had a grader.

Back in 1974 I visited Tsikiro and Meriamanda in the Ambum valley. Driving back down towards Yampu and Par a sudden minor landslide almost swept me off the road. I ended up with tree-branches stuck in front of the Land-Cruiser. Daniel, is that Paul Kurai in the light grey clothing standing in front of the machine?
Phil, I do remember the Monday road work scheme, quiet effective in the Togoba area, and in addition people often enjoyed it socially.

That's the problem Daniel. If that old kiap road had been maintained properly it could still be used today. Remember how Mondays were road maintenance days?

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