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01 February 2018


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Thanks Des for your contributions to the growth of PNG during those formative years. May you rest in eternal peace.

I think this was the last post by Des on the exkiap website on 10 December last year:-

"To all those Kiap brothers enjoy a happy Christmas and trouble free 2018. This 92 year old is still battling on; driving, cooking doing the laundry an acting as a volunteer JP one morning a week. The only thing going for me is that anywhere I go I am always the oldest. All my WW2 mates have passed away and I guess my Kiap brothers are catching up.

Not ready yet for the last patrol and flying to Sydney on the 22nd for a family Christmas.

God Bless you all and stay well

Des Martin

service 1949-1966
Lae, Finschhafen,Dreikikir, Kokopo, Baniara, Esa'Ala, Ambunti, Dept .of the Administrator. Joined Commonwealth Service October 1966"

Des, You and I were lucky. We were privileged to meet incredible people and to enjoy the most wonderful of times.

Wherever you are travelling now, continue to enjoy and embrace it. Just watch that door, and keep it open; some of us are treading on your heels.

Salutations. Travel Well.

When Sue and I visited Des in hospital he had his son and daughter with him. We both knew the end was near. We shook hands and looked each other in the eye and said farewell.

However it was not goodbye and as Bill Brown said to Des recently at the November 2017 Kiap Konvention at Kawana, whoever goes first can keep the door open for the others.

See you later mate. Lukim yu bihain.

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