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12 January 2018


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I see Bougainville leaders rejoicing at giving SR Metals Inc from the Philippines an exploration licence.

Bougainville South MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Timothy Masiu along with President Momis and Mrs Kauona seemed very pleased to welcome the boss of SRMI.

Perhaps they should read some of the Philippines press regarding this company at their only project begun in Tubay in 2006.

Seems not all the company's activities are of the sort Bougainvilleans would welcome.

21 November 2017 - 5 mining firm execs charged with falsification

7 May 2015 - Small scale P28 billion in ore shipped out

2015 Report - San Roque Metals Inc. Nickel mining in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

5 June 2016 - Mining firms, environmentalists back Duterte whip vs irresponsible miners

3 March 2015 - Eco-activists slam 3 mining firms tied to LP for over-extraction of nickel

Or you can watch You Tube’s 'Tubay Project SRMI Mining' by Jove Yabo

'All that glisters is not gold'.

I say develop the cocoa and fishing Industries and explore how to bring in tourists - there is for instance the Numa Numa Trail which will bring in hikers on long and shorter hiking trails.

Wait till after Independence before returning to mining as it may be potentially dangerous given the history of what happened in the crisis and the losses as well as pain it caused. Who wants another crisis? So why take the risk so soon?

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