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07 January 2018


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The counter to the old proverb 'That a week is a long time in politics' is to have political parties that represent policies and not individual points of view.

On the other hand, using Gilbert's words (From the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta HMS Pinafore) the character Sir Joseph's claim as to why he became the Top Dog of the Queens Navy was because 'I always voted at my Party's call, I never thought of thinking for myself at all'. That was so close to the bone that the bloke it was modeled on in real life was thereafter called 'Sir Joseph'.

PNG's dilemma is that no strong political party has endured and been able to enforce party discipline. That in itself is nothing new. Just look at how Churchill switched his political allegiance.

The real problem is the vexatious question of political education. If PNG leaders keep the bulk of the people ignorant of their opportunities and responsibilities, then there is no braking force to keep the elected politicians honest and accountable. Start successful education of all the people and there is a risk it will backfire in your face.

The real issue is that in PNG politics no one has so far come up with an effective compromise between the two opposite ends of the continuum.

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