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22 January 2018


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Paul Oates

So where is the PNG leadership demonstrated by Ross when he had the responsibility to do so?

Public outcries by political leaders are all very well but Phillip has correctly presented the answer to this problem that seems to be rapidly increasing in rural PNG.

Who will now take national leadership in this issue now?

Sori tumas. Mi no harim ol lida ibin tokaut lo displa hevi? PM na Minista blo edukesion yu stap we a?

Philip Kai Morre

Dr Betty Koka is taking a good approach in educating the people to know the causes and effects of sicknesses.

However, believing in sorcery of all sorts is in the sub-conscious level of every individual person in PNG including educated people.

Early intervention programs educating the school age children would be better than educing the adults who will never discard their fixed belief system.

Also early medical knowledge on the causes and effects of diseases must be taught in schools to reduce the prevalence of sanguma and witchcraft.

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