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15 January 2018


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Anything to do with the pharmaceutical industry will eventually involve material and cognitive regulatory capture and corruption. The compensation offered to thalidomide victims by United Distillers was derisory in relation to profit from sales of spirits.

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre discloses how rotten the industry is. It is much worse than horse racing, professional boxing, greyhound racing, cycling, athletics, soccer, energy markets, aged care, franchising, financial services, waste recycling...........

Take soccer franchising and Brisbane Roar. During their peak they could not afford to pay the guy who laundered the team playing strip.

Then look who is running the entire competition, the mere surnames should sound alarm bells and limit the need for any further investigation. A quick glance at the advertising hoardings around the stadiums reifies the miasma.

Then look at RFG, Domino's Pizza and 7-11 and franchising arrangements with the likes of Tony Alford, Alicia Atkinson, Jack Cowin, Don Meij and Russell Withers and the late Bev Barlow.

Jack Cowin recently stated that penalty rates were a thing of the past. Whilst evading the taxman and contributing to the obesity epidemic it may have escaped his meticulous attention to detail but Abe Lincoln abolished slavery back in 1865 and indentured servitude, peonage and blackbirding are illegal in Australia.

Don Meij the Domino Pizza CEO claimed $21 million in salary and benefits in 2016, which is $11000 per hour.

Domino Pizza delivery drivers were expected to embrace pay cuts of $2 per hour.

Do the math, it is even more rotten in Australia.

It looks like the doctors have been caught up in a web of their own making.

With such a complex organisation as revealed in the full report, what chance has the average PNGian let alone any government official got for monitoring and ensuring that ethical and legal practices are being followed.

With government funds and resources disappearing into one of any number of entry points, who would know where they reappear and on whose balance sheet.

Well, here we go again. Borneo Pharmaceuticals all over again.

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