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03 January 2018


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Philip Fitzpatrick

As I've said elsewhere Michael, PNG has some very good laws. I might also include policies.

The problem is that the government either doesn't enforce them, selectively enforces them or doesn't provide the resources for them to be enforced.

Michael Geketa

Shotguns, M16s, AK47s, knives, bows and arrows and any implement that wounds, injures or causes death are equally deadly in nature.

What's more deadly is the non-implementation of the national gun policy that retired General Jerry Singirok was very vocal on.

Another is the miniscule attention to implement harsher penalties to punish the perpetrators who commit crimes using the above implements.

Can PNG see and experience the outcome of these very important laws in recent times?

Robert Forster

In 1974 I was a lowly Kiap in the Goilala sub-district where shotguns were a prized item and threats, woundings, and occasional deaths were escalating.

I confiscated (and destroyed) many on safety grounds (the guns themselves were dangerous) but the ADC backed the local MHA who was unhappy at the volume of complaints coming in at village level - so the number that were broken up thinned down dramatically.

I have recorded this episode in a book (still to be published) I have called "The Northumbrian Kiap" and have to say I agree absolutely with almost everything Phil has said.

Two years ago I was shocked to read the a priest at Kamulai Mission near Guari was murdered by a shotgun and that the mission station had since closed.

My understanding is that most of the Goilala has become a no-go area and both threat, and death, by shotgun are rife.

You can read Fr Brian Cahill's 2014 account of the murder of Fr Gerry Inao, and several other people in the Goilala, here - KJ

Ian Hollingsworth

Confronting stuff.

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