Before mortgaging our inheritance, we should listen to elders
I see; You see - The several sides of history

Losing you never came with a manual


MADANG - It has been a while since I sent a piece to be published on PNG Attitude. I had a bit of a writer’s block as I lost my mum to cervical cancer a year ago. I wrote this piece for her - FCS

Losing you never came with a manual;
No manual on how to mend my broken heart

No instructions on how to get up and keep on moving forward;
No medicine to dull that ache, that has not gone away

No band-aid to mend that gaping hole you left in my heart and life;
No road leading up to you so I can see you whenever I want to

No way to share my joys and pains of being a wife and mother with you;
No one to comfort me and be strong for me when I am missing you

Even when I needed to talk to you so badly,
Dialling your number and realising I could not talk to you

No instructions on how I could remember or forget;
I took you for granted; I thought you were invincible

It’is almost a year and I still search for that inner peace;
Tinagu, Sinagu, Nenec, Mummy

Losing you never came with a manual
On how to live life without you.


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Maclay Lamang

Beautiful piece

Rashmii Bell

Much love and thoughts with you, Florence. Beautiful words reflecting on a forever treasured bond.

Bernard Singu Yegiora

Also going through a long writer's block. Thanks for sharing this piece.

Florence Castro-Salle

Thank you for the encouragement and support, this is one place where i feel that i can express myself freely.

It's always a delight to read your words, Florence. On behalf of all readers and fellow contributors, I express the sadness of PNG Attitude at the loss of your mum - KJ

Garry Roche

That first line is thought provoking and almost haunting.
Keep writing

Philip Fitzpatrick

Sorry to hear about your mother Florence but it is good to see your well-written and heartfelt poem.

Hopefully you will encourage a few other poets to start sending their work to PNG Attitude, the place where writer's reputations are made in PNG.

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