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13 January 2018


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John K Kamasua

Great to see this story come alive here!

Lemach is a former student of mine, and also a budding writer.

I have been encouraging him to write more, so hopefully, we shall see more of his stories here on PNG Attitude.

Richard Jones

Like our esteemed site commander, I too started life in PNG as a chalkie. And for one year in the late 1960s was stationed at Boera.

It's the next Motuan/Koitabuan village down the coast from Porebada. Accessed only by dirt road back in the day the fair weather track passed the outskirts of Porebada.

The track was impassable for anything smaller than a PMV in the wet season because of thigh-high mud. But I know the region very well, Hanuabada included of course.

I wish Jim Ben all the very best in his enterprise.

From my understanding of the ethnic groups of the region I felt that the Motuans were the sea-going folk (remember the Hiri voyages on those massive lagatois) and the Koitabuans were more inland settlers and gardeners.

Rashmii Bell

Indeed, an inspiring story and example.

If any PNG male writers wanted to pitch a gender equality, gbv, evaw-focused article to the Guys Official Magazine, I'd be happy to be interviewed and am sure there's be a few of the MWTE writers who'd be willing to provide input as well.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Great story.

Magazine is a bit blokey but not too bad. Usual obsession with sport.

Maybe there are opportunities for the ladies to raise the equality issue and domestic violence Rashmii.

Check it out:

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