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12 January 2018


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It's an eye opener for Chief Justice. Now to do something on the Sorcery Act and make it a strong law with severe penalties.

I'm very sorry that the innocent Chief Justice became a victim of sorcery related violence. Engans must respect and have pride in their own man who is the head of the judiciary.

If they cannot respect such a high profile man, they are still in their stone age living in caves.

While it could be said that no one can prove or disprove sorcery that does not prevent the apparent belief in it or the use of it as an excuse to commit a crime.

The issue here is that even the Chief Justice is not immune from a lack of law and order.

Attacking the real source of the problem is the issue. This instance is a mere example of what has been allowed to become a major threat to the PNG nation.

When will someone, anyone in PNG, lay a complaint against the PNG government that they have allowed their nation to lapse into lawlessness? That's a court case that should be resolved in the Courts.

I wonder who might be prepared to prepare the case or hear the evidence?

This alleged attacks on person or groups of persons alleged to have practised sorcery must stop.

It is a perception problem. You cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that an act of sorcery is the cause of death, it's impossible. It cannot proved it in a court of law or scientifically.

Natural causes of death are intertwined with mystic beliefs and superstitions, which do not have a basis of support. They arise due to innuendo, allegation, rumour and gossip.

This affects innocent and unsuspecting people whose lifestyle or habits may be different from the norm.

Violence suits those with nothing to lose

A tweet I posted on 09/01/2018:
Within space of a week: an video of musician brutally assaulted, then overnight, CJ being subjected to #sarv. The quick response & implications: just wow! When will we get the same response-rate for #gbv #evaw as is being served out for male-male violence?
NO to all violence.

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