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28 January 2018


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It's very simple: The chewers will have to carry a plastic bag to spit the red juice from the chewing, with the husk, and the sellers can ply their trade in designated places, and not everywhere!

Right now it is chaos. There is no sensible selling and chewing, so what choice is the Governor Powes Parkop left with?

Someone suggested a creative and yet draconian measure: Get all the MPs from the central provinces to get their electorates into commercial agricultural farming and sell the produce to the burgeoning markets in Port Moresby, and ban the wholesale sales of buai into the city. That, however, might not work if the habit of chewing does not diminish among the populace.

Personally, I think chewing betelnut is a disgusting habit that many people in the highlands provinces have taken it to the extreme of selling the nuts everywhere and anywhere they want and spitting the juices out however way they want, in the city of Port Moresby.

There is so much we can do than focusing all our energy and tying our livelihoods on betel nut.

Like you said, Busa, the betelnut issue needs a creative solution than a draconian one. In the meantime, however, City Hall has run out of patience for trying to appeal to the better nature of our people!

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