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24 December 2017


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Paul with you all the way in your assessment. Especially Jules Verne quote: what we can imagine, we can do. Better still, What we dream, we can achieve.

Dear Paul,

The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich is an interesting read:

The system of checks and balances that evolved to protect our form of democracy was the separation of powers. Due to political influence, the lines between these three great bastions of power have become very blurred in many countries basically due to political figures extending their influence past where it should stop.

Political appointments to the Judiciary and the Public Service have almost destroyed any real separation of powers in many democratic countries and Australia and PNG are no exceptions.

So called 'free' nations have over the years, often had to do a bit of navel gazing and take some positive action to get their country back on the rails. The regrettable fact is that this often is as a result of some disaster or calamity such as a war or the imminent threat of one.

The UN Security Council unanimous vote yesterday to agree to extra sanctions against North Korea is perhaps a sign that below the surface, all the nations on the Council have come to the view that no one wants a calamitous war and that at the moment, that's where we appear to be heading. That recognition is a positive sign.

However, as has been experienced in the past, when a power hungry nutter takes over the reins of a nation and needs to cement his power, he will do anything to make it happen. Lord Gort's dictum about power corrupting is a classic observation.

The real challenge that no one anywhere is prepared to confront is overpopulation. In the past, this factor has led to innumerable wars and misery and today's world is no different from what has gone before.

It is often conjectured that population pressures and a worsening climate led to the original migration of humankind out of Africa. The troubles is today, there is nowhere else to go except perhaps outer space.

Since no one has apparently ever been able to bring themselves to confront the real issue although to their credit, the Chinese did try using authoritative means to do so, but gave up due to pressure from their own people who saw themselves being penalised while most of the world apparently couldn't care less about.

So we are left with the irresistible force at some time in the near future meeting the immovable object.

The inevitable conclusion must therefore surely be axiomatic in that we as a species have plateaued out in the evolution game.

When this happens in miniature, like a variety of bacteria living in a cowpat, they follow the inevitable 'S' bend of numbers and breed themselves out of existence. Another species them takes over and repeats the process 'ad infinitum' until the available resources are totally extinguished.

Science fiction had often become reality. As the 19th Century author Jules Verne once said: 'What man can imagine, man can do.'

We need to rapidly start 'imagining' a better solution to the problems of the near future. Sadly, our current crop of leaders are so far falling well short of any real ideas about what to do.

Therein lies the real issue. Are we ourselves as species, to disappear down the proverbial 'S' bend or will someone, somewhere start thinking about a solution?

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