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10 December 2017


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I was a member of a number of Clubs in PNG. Firstly Lae RSL Club, Lae Club, Chimbu Club, Popondetta Club, Elia beach RSL, Royal Papua Yacht Club with Berth No 2, Boroko RSL Club, Kone Tigers Club, Toniva Club, Kieta Club, Rabaul Club, Rabaul Yacht club, Lae Bowls Club and the Aviat Club.

I had my memorable stag party here I was to have been left in the pool overnight. I said, fellas, I am putting another keg on. And unlike Dr Jim Jacobi's stag party, I got away.
And today, alas, no clubs.

Dear Phil,

Anything by Orwell, Huxley, Steinbeck, Dos Passos, Hemingway or Upton Sinclair is worth reading.

Have you ever read Desolation Angels by Jack Kerouac?

When I was in senior high school, at Passam, our Sri Lankan English Teacher introduced us to George Orwell.

We read Orwell's Animal Farm (his political satire), as part of our reading classes.

I became fond of this book, and read many times over. 1984 with Big Brother was another favourite.

The hinterland of the highlands of PNG was discovered by the Leahy brothers and Jim Taylor while actually prospecting for gold!

I never did go inside the Papua Yacht Club, probably because I never received an invitation - and I wouldn't even if I had.

Love reading your postings Phil. Never met you, but three parts of this post resonate sharply with me.

Firstly your comments about re-reading books of your youth, I certainly view them now in much the same way as you have described.

I would also fall into the type of person who lacked the courage to do or say anything about my colonial experience in Moresby until very late in my stay.

I tried to make up by ensuring my apprentices got access to formal training as much as possible. I can only plead my youth & being enveloped by the colonial attitude & the oft expressed view of not "rocking the boat".

I have been in the Mount Hagen Club & The Papua Yacht Club and I can certainly agree with the sentiment we live & learn. I only regret I did not learn much earlier.

One of the old books I treasure, given to me as a birthday present by my Grandad when I was 7 - is "The Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag" by Jim Corbett. An old Indian hand white hunter-turned-conservationist. I still have it.

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