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26 December 2017


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Peter O'Neill is using political influence to protect his personal interest by suppressing law in the country

Mathias. You speak long time b'fore, Time b'long all Tabuna, Big men true.

Me been savy long Yawe Yawe Moses 1960's Chuave.

Now Big Man, alsame Maus wara, Gammon, $ sign in eye.

Em tasol.

Mr Dunlop, highland bigman is not quite stret as O'Neill is playing touch footy now.

He is mixed race PNG-Australia who had never really lived an adult life back home in Pangia to understand the real values of village leadership and roles played by these men of greatness.

I see O'Neill as a greedy and selfish man who can be compared to other figures in history like Mugabe, Idi Amin, Hitler, Mussolini etc.

The rorting just didn't start with O'Neill.

All same fashion b'long bigman.

The judiciary is no longer neutral. Members of the court may be influenced to take sides.

The technical errors were simple spelling mistakes which took the courts three years to arrive at a decision.

Independence was spelt 'indipendence' and that's the reason the case was thrown out.

The substantive issue is still there: did O'Neill sign and therefore authorise a payment of K72 million to Paraka Lawyers, and did he benefit in any way from this himself?

Obviously a village court magistrate would see that the substantive is much more important then a spelling error.

This again reinforces our belief in PNG that there are two set of laws, one for O'Neill and his people and another for us the ordinary people.

It is indeed no wonder PNG is rated one of the most corrupt nations of the world.

I agree with you Francis.

From where I'm sitting this looks like the beginning of the end of the separation of powers in PNG.

If this is the case it is a prelude to dictatorship.

I'd be very worried if I was a Papua New Guinean.

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