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29 December 2017


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How sad it was to be told told today that Terry Shelley passed away.

I am proud this great man has been my business collaborator for more than 20 years. I have much to thank him for his honesty and hard work in bringing the name of my coffee machines to PNG.

What a struggle he fought. And how happy I have always been to have had his valuable help. And proud I have always been to see his Nowek business with my machines.

I talk about machines because this is my way of life. And Terry has played a huge role in my life because of his tireless work to help me and my family with his sales.

God bless you Terry. And God bless your family who will surely miss you.

Terry's funeral in Goroka was a fitting tribute to him. The most touching part was the many attendees who filed past and comforted Terry's family and myself. The Prime Minister also took time out to attend.
Thanks to everyone for their kind remarks.

A true Papua New Guinean... Rest in Peace Mr Shelley.

Mike Bourke - I was unaware that Terry received a Logohu award. He certainly deserved one. For the record I had the honour of being awarded a LM a few years ago.

It is certainly the end of an era, especially with the passing of Alan McLay a couple of days ago. Both my dad Terry and Alan were larger than life characters, great mates and deeply passionate about PNG.

My Facebook and email has been overflowing with tributes to dad but what has really been good are the snippets of memories that are coming through. Never a dull moment.

Thank you one and all from all of the family who are very much appreciating your condolences and tributes.

When I think of Bondor (Wandi) coffee factory I think of Terry Shelley in the 1970s when I was a kid attending Kondom Agaundo Primary School. He was a young energetic manager quick in temper but cooled down quickly. He was loved by many locals.

Terry, our tear drops are not worth the volume of work you have done for me and the rest of the Simbu people. Your wonderful sense of humour, and generosity and your great affirmation of common people will be remembered.

May God grand you eternal peace, May the angels welcome you to Heaven.

Keith - Do you know when Terry was awarded the ML (Member of the Order of Logohu)?

I'm currently compiling a list of those involved in PNG agriculture who have been honoured by PNG.

Great project, Mike. Perhaps a family member or one of our readers can help out - KJ

My sister Monica and the staff at Monian Ltd are saddened to learn of Terry's passing and forward our condolences to his family in PNG and Oz.

Like our own father, Peter Stuckey, who grew up in Parramatta, Terry was frank and forthright. Like my dad, Terry didn't take fools and pollies lightly!

He shared stories of his early years in Kavieng and also knew my paternal father Robert Cheong, a provincial politician of sorts.

I conducted a bit of business with Terry prior to entering parliament in 1997 when I first met him. He was a hard- nosed but fair businessman.

Rest in Peace.

I have just opened PNG Attitude on my return from holidays to find that a great PNG man and friend has departed his country and its people.

Terry, as many respondents have already attested, was a man of the people. generous of spirit, a supporter of many causes, a straight shooter and a strong voice for his fellow countrymen and women.

It was a direct approach from Terry, who was concerned about the lack of reading material in EHD and Chimbu schools, that convinced the Toowong Rotary Club to forward a shipping container of school reading materials.

This would not have happened if Terry and his family had not stepped in to cover the shipping and land delivery costs. This was just one of many projects Terry undertook, often quietly and without acknowledgement.

Keith has given a wonderful overview of Terry and his contributions to PNG. I feel that this vivid memory of Terry should not be forgotten. How this might be achieved is for a discussion at a later date.

Vale Terry.

A great mentor to many Simbus. His legacy will be remembered by many who met him. RIEP Papa Terry.

A deserving tribute to a true friend of Simbu. Thank you Keith. My bro Francis also has some kinds words for the great man.

I met Terry Shelley at his Kamaliki office in December 2014, he offered us coffee and biscuits. I took the opportunity to squeeze some old Chimbu stories out of him and he gave me some old pictures - he was such a kind man.

Sarah and Terry gave us a lot of wine for our Simbu Children Foundation Ball - they have been giving boxes of them to us at good discounts for many years now.

Terry assisted us with our work at SCF and Simbu Writers Association in many different ways, many times, being the reliable link between our many friends in Australia and PNG.

As many have mentioned, Terry Shelley, Barry Bond and Eric Pyne were the officers who started Kundiawa Coffee, later Chimbu Coffee, becoming the biggest indigenous cooperative in the Territory with more than 70,000 shareholders.

Terry was there doing all the ground work and laying the foundation.

I am sure there must be many wailing mothers among his tambus when they hear of his passing.

Mi wantaim ol members blong SCF na SWA laik salim bikpla tok sore igo long Sarah na ol famili blong yu. Tupla Terry na Sarah yet save wokim planti gutpla wok wantaim displa tupla NGO blong Simbu.

Indai blong displa gutpla man mas strongim yumi long wokim mo ol gutpla wok Terry Shelley save wokim.
RIP our friend.

God bless his family. A monument of a man: a great role model for others. Papua New Guinea is poorer for his loss.

A strong-willed, witty and honest old bugger. Never showed a glimpse of illness. Will be missed by all who knew him. My condolences to Lyn and the children. May His Soul RIEP.

Very sad to see Terry go. What a great bloke he was, so down earth and always left him grinning and wiser.

No One Will Ever Know.

RIP Shell.

Terry Shelley was a Co-ops Officer in Kavieng in 1959 when rugby league was played on fields next to the tennis courts and Police Station.

He was the captain-coach of NINSA (New Ireland Native Society Association) and also took us ballboy kids aside to teach us the basics of the RL game, like passing and tackling.

He was a great mate of my old man, Bill Meehan, and they both use to play a lot of snooker together. Dad was also a sponsor of Kavieng Rugby League and Terry Shelley was the mainstay of grounds maintenance and supervisor of grounds with Dad's trucks and bulldozer.

We are indebted to men like Terry Shelley who started a lot of agriculture projects and rugby league in New Ireland.
RIP Terry Shelley, wanto lo olgeta.

A lovely tribute.

I liked that you included some of his writing, especially those anecdotes 😄

I remember one evening in the Chimbu Lodge when Terry said to Pita Lus, 'Yu are head kindam'.

Lus then said, 'Em wanem?'

Terry told him, 'Arse full of meat & head full of shit.'

Lus went off his brain telling Terry he'd be deported the next day. Never happened as we all know.

Farewell Champ. Goroka will truly miss you.

A gentleman who spoke his mind and didn't tolerate bullshit!

Thanks for your tribute Keith. Condolences to Lyn, Sarah & family. RIP Terry.

Terry is a great loss to the Goroka community. He was a silent giver. He will be missed.

Vow great man indeed!

And a great life he had lived.

May his soul rest in peace.

Thanks for that Keith. When we have the final farewell in Goroka or Simbu it will be a time for laughter and recounting many memories from a most amazing life.

True words. So true. A kind witty passionate soul. Rest in eternal Peace.

Keith, Many thanks for that tribute to Terry who in my opinion was the most honest white guy I met in PNG. That honesty always got him in to a lot of trouble with the authorities.

I first met him on the rugby field in Rabaul in 1966. He was very quick and very clever . He loved North Sydney.

Several years later I was the Headteacher at Wandi School just up from his factory. He was a tremendous help to me providing labour for classrooms and transport for cultural and sporting events. He even donated food to teachers and their families.

He was no ordinary business man. He helped myself and my family too in many ways when we used to visit the family of my wife up at Golgme. He helped my son get a teaching position at Goroka High too.

My wife and I are stunned today and are shedding quite a few tears too. God Bless the family.

Thank you for the news. ..a great PNG man...gone to his rest. Thanks Terry Shelley.

Vale. Red Shell.

Eloquent tribute Keith. Thanks.

How sad - a great man.

A sad but eloquent memorial to a man long to be remembered in PNG.

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