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10 December 2017


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I was working in Mt Hagen when Jumbo starred at the 1973 Mt Hagen Show. It was fascinating to watch the reaction of the crowd and I remember it well.

I have an original poster of the elephant written in Pidgin and distributed by South Pacific Brewery. There are five very amusing instructions on the poster describing the elephant to the local people.

Oh man, didn't believe I'd ever see these pics. My dad was the truck driver who brought the elephant up to the highlands.

I never went out to Kerema but I can remember when Sudsy Saunders was given the job of cleaning the Masonic Club flag in preparation for it's anniversary.
He put into one of the industrial laundromat machines with a concoction of soap powder and cleaning agents and went out for several cold ones.
On returning and retrieving the flag from the machine it had shrunken to about 80% of its original size.

I was born in the late 1980's and since my childhood days I have been hearing stories about this from my uncles and grandparents who had the chance to see this non-native animal and these photos really help to confirm their stories. Garry, thanks for these photos.

Keith Tetley - now there's a name.

Did you ever stay at his hotel in Kerema (or was it Kikori)?

He specialised in nubile young waitresses of about fifteen who wandered around topless with the plates and cutlery.

Straight out of Somerset Maugham.

My late brother was company secretary with SP Brewery at the time during the tenure of its MD, the late Bruce Flynn.

Others at SP included Robbo, Jerry Faramus, Warren Pearson, Peter Colley. If my memory serves me correctly Port Moresby had a cinema and I can vaguely remember Errol Flynn's bar at the bottom end of town.

I met with Seth Grady, Keith Tetley, Larry Danielson, Dick Kelly, Steve Lewis, Liberty Vallance Graeme Dunnage and many others from those bygone days. I think Lexy ran the Aviat Club

Thank heavens I never made it to a Bank of NSW Christmas function

Brilliant! And did you hear about the dinosaur of Mt Wilhelm?


I did. From you. And I once saw the Bunyip of Banz, but it was rather late at night - KJ

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