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26 December 2017


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Fantastic news for your family, Daniel.

Thanks for your patience with the review. It would be terrific for to you take the book to the Writers festivals in Qld, 2018. I've had positive reactions and several enquiries on my Twitter page about purchasing your book. Have referred all on to Amazon.

Thank you so much Rashmii. What a Christmas day gift this review is.

And what a coincidence. I arrived from Kandep just today to read all emails, this review and the fact that one of Julie's daughters was accepted to train as a teacher.

You have done a fine job, Rashmii. I hope the stories will inspire a lot of people, especially the youth who must know that there is one life to live - a life that can be lived not for centuries but for only 50, 60, 70 or 80 years.

And thanks Ed for the words.

Many thanks to Daniel for the gift of a paperback copy of 'Survivor' and the invitation to review his book.

Ed - great to see your editing in action. Also teaming with Keith (Foreword) and Phil (Pukpuk Publications), Daniel has delivered an important work to shifting the narrative of PNG women and our contributions to national development. I was really inspired by the three stories

If other PNG writers would like to do as Daniel has done by forwarding a copy of your book for me to review, please email me at

Having had the privilege of editing Daniel's remarkable tale, I was delighted to read Rashmii's insightful review. I, too, was impressed with his sensitive, empathetic and insightful treatment of all of the players, both men and women, in his narrative and his own struggles, intellectual and otherwise, as the head of a polygamous household and astute observer of contemporary PNG society.

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