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26 November 2017


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Phil. A few years ago I used to have lunch with a couple of old kiaps in Perth.

They told me how they'd busted a submarine cult gathering and one of them had been hexed in revenge. He got sick, no visible symptoms, and was hospitalised.

A local brought him a wooden carving said to be possessed by a powerful spirit that would help him. An evil spirit, but powerful.

He soon recovered and kept the carving. He firmly believes it helped him and liked to display it at home but his wife hates the thing. Some of you probably know the guys I'm referring to.

Phil, in the not too distant past, sorcery was a sacred possession in where I come from in the heartland, Solos locale, of Buka Island. We grew up knowing this truth which our mothers kept bombarding us to be always on alert.

Those who were custodians to sorcery are: clan chiefs, renown elders and appointed people in the community. The sole purpose of sorcery was deterrent in nature; maintaining peace and harmony in the society.

It is said that when the chiefs and clan elders communed to execute sorcery upon an irritant member of society, death or serious injury was eminent. It was a time of perfect peace, cohesion and respect.

Now however, sorcery is misapplied upon innocent victims by young, educated and unauthorized people. Today in PNG, this has caused an uproar in the local and worlds media especially when innocent women and men are accused of practicing sorcery.

All in all, sorcery is here to stay but injuries and deaths related to its practiced must be referred to the courts.

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