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20 November 2017


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Prove sanguma exist.

Prove God exists.

Good luck.

Meanwhile, accusations without evidence and objective facts should be thrown out of any rational court room.

Might save you if you're in the box.

Summary execution and torture should be punishable by the same.

If Christians want to go native then let's call up Moses and take a few eyes, hands and balls.

The evil spirit in the bible does not exist as literal translation as most uneducated pastors thin it does.

Sanguma is not evil spirits and we need to fully understand theology and denounce witchcraft or sanguma.

God did not create witchcraft or sanguma but it's the primitive belief system of the people that needs to be eliminated.

We have serious problems when people who attest to live and breathe bible principles can shut an eye to the strength of the tenements of teaching espoused in the bible.

The bible states the lord overpowered all evil forces and if Papua New Guineans that go to church come back and say they believe in the powers of sangumas, then we are doomed.

My village has three churches, and we attend 7 different christian teachings yet we lost 7 people to interrogations and consequent killings.

I have been questioning my own beliefs over this. Why isn't the churches making inroads into our belief system and challenging it in a positive way. I don't have any answers but then again to read a comment here and juxtaposed it against what we read elsewhere, pains me.

All I can hope for is for the educated elite to actively work to discredit this belief whether it is real or not. The fear mongering is always started by the powerful in the village settings. it is always the moneyed, the educated that will take the stand against the weak and the impoverished.

You will never find a powerful person being accused of sanguma.

The western nations have elected to shove these beliefs to Halloween and to Hollywood movies and Harry Potter. We can do that too.

It just needs to take some effort from the educated with support from the moneyed powerful who can persuade the village elders and youths disregard the belief every time it raises its head.

Interesting comments, Wardley. The annals of history attest to supernatural events. The record in Acts: Acsts 19:15 KJV - "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know
And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame" indicates there are no "natural" defences against the likes of which you write.

Such defences as are available are themselves supernatural and not subject to human contrivance. They, indeed, relate to the relationship of an individual with the Saviour.

As you tend to point out, Wardley, trifling with the demonic is no small matter. The Acts episode highlights the folly of dealing with such from a position of pretended religion versus the indwelling power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

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