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09 November 2017


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I completely agree with that. So much money is being channelled into Gender projects and women empowerment, but we see very little efforts made into understanding the underlying issues. Often it is blamed on culture and the nature of our patriarchal society.... but is it really?? Or is it a new phenomena resulting from the clashes of old and new values... It would be interesting to look into perceptions and behavioural patterns between the genders in previous generations and compare them with today....

the best deterrent is to make the law and justice system as well as the support system in place to work as they should

Not diverting from the gender topic in focus by Francis, is attribute also reportedly of men: 'bloodlust of mobs that attack herds of elephants for fun.'

Protection of family livelihood may account for some of the 'discouragement' inflicted on those creatures in India, but a herd mentality of the (reported) gender cohort is inescapably at core.

Of that which is recent and publicised, what outcomes follow from "the ‘Port Moresby: A Safe City for Women and Girls’ project between NCDC and UN Women” ? Turn project on to protect?

Ok, that "October is internationally recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month", brings no relaxation in November. Turn process on to progress?

Bro, F Nii. I' am with you in condemning the evil of domestic violence; so as the whole community of peace lovers. But the question of finding a root cause is nothing new.

Millions of kina had been sacrificed just to research this issue year in, year out. I'm pretty sure a convenient answer or answers to this issue has been found but being deliberately not published by those concerned.

Remember money is the real issue and not the root cause of domestic violence in this scenario. And to reveal the real cause of this issue would be the end of a money source for most of them who conduct these research.

Domestic violence is an in-house matter which does not require international intervention to find an amicable solution. Firstly, it is a social issue which is people-related.

This means the cause is ourselves; meaning if we started it, we have the answer to it.

Secondly, it is a personality situation whereby we as individuals are the cause and this means we must make amendment as to how we conduct ourselves. This leads on how we as families relate to our fellow relatives and others.

Then it leads on to clans working with other clans, tribes with tribes, LLGs with LLGs, Districts with Districts, Province with Province and as a whole the way we pride ourselves as being Papua New Guineans.

This is where the issue of Nationalism and Patriotism comes to the fore. If we lack these sentiments, then we are conducting ourselves in ad hoc basis without much foundation.

All in all, solution to domestic violence is within us and calls for a right frame of mind leading to good conduct from all human beings we are.

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