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14 November 2017


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Excellent, Craic.

My dog in PNG called Tiger used to sing in perfect pitch harmony when I played my bugle. Given he was half New Guinea Singing Dog perhaps that's not surprising.

It doesn't sing William but I do recall a dog called Dinah, a black Labrador, owned by my maternal grandfather on the farm in Suffolk that would sing when he played on his comb - remember that, a bit of paper and a comb producing a tune.

I think the dog chooses you not the other way round Garry. You might have to wait until one hooks up.

Phil - regarding your cocker spaniel, does it sing and yodel?
Back on the family farm in the old sod as a small boy in the 1950's, I remember our border collie, Jack, Joining in when my brother was playing the fiddle.

Phil, there is something intriguing about your "talking dog". Maybe I need one myself. It has set me thinking.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to oneself (somebody has to listen). It's when you answer back that it's a problem.

Phil. Dear oh dear, a cocker you say. A warning, watch out for lamp posts that are live. They can be catastrophic.

Thanks Chris - I knew you'd understand.

I do believe my inner dog is, in fact, a cocker spaniel, they are exceptionally good listeners and fine critics when required.

Occasionally on my walks I also sometimes hear the beat of a different drum. It seems to come from over the horizon.

This has been happening for a long time and I have been in hot pursuit of it for as long as I can remember.

Unlike Phil, my inner dialogue is not conducted mostly with a dog.

That said, I do have quite animated conversations with my daughter's Cocker Spaniel from time to time, but that doesn't really count as inner dialogue, does it?

My inner voice is usually keen to discuss whatever issue has grabbed my attention at the time.

Sometimes it sternly warns me not to do or say something, sometimes it tell me to get a grip on myself and get over something and sometimes it urges me to go forth boldly where I have never gone before.

Embarrassingly, it does seem to be smarter than me and has many times been able to say "I told you so"!

So, Phil, if your little doggy is a wise beastie then I reckon you should keep talking to it even if this is a bit disconcerting to your friends and neighbours.

After all, intelligent conversation is quite often in short supply and dogs are pretty good listeners unless distracted by cats, other dogs, that strange new smell or the prospect of a second breakfast.

Phil, do you get a strangely ambitious feeling of bonhomie when you see a street full of lamp posts? In the Papua of old they might say 'Oi diba sisia?'

Phil, you have been hearing voices for some time now. Have you stopped your medication? Is your bed fitted with ratchet tie down straps? Perhaps they have come loose.

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