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15 November 2017


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Thank you my good friends and wonderful contributors of Attitude for your comments.

I always treasure this story.

What my father did when he he was told by my aunty Mariana that I took his wife away to Rabaul is also an interesting part. I will share when I find time.

Wonder whether this guy's agent will be asked to recoup the costs incurred for a false alarm.

Great story Francis. Nice read.

But almost choked somewhere in the middle where you hugged your mum after finding out she is alive.

I lost my dad, but you raised an alarm in us to be good to our parents while they are alive!

You just raised my 2 lapuns from their resting place with this story, bro. I wish I could chat with them right now. Brings back great memories. Thanks.

Francis, some years ago the late Robert Lak (former MP) told me that when he was living in POM he got an urgent message to return to Hagen because a close relative was dying.

Robert replied that he would not go, because if he went the relative would die, but if he stayed in POM the relative would not die yet. Sure enough, he did not go and the relative lived a few more years.

An eventful journey in your life. Thankfully it had a happy outcome.

Thanks, Francis, for that story. It is amazing how the PNG mind thinks. A strange logic... But I still wonder what your father thought about it all!

Francis, our parents held a special place in our hearts when we grew up, went to school and began to work.

Every Christmas, I always hoped my parents would be well when I went home after being away, cut off completely for a whole year.

In 1975, after my Form 4 (Grade 10) national examinations, I asked my parents to come outside from our kunai house at Kondo village so I could take a photo of them with a camera I had bought in Port Moresby.

I wanted to keep their picture close to me if I was selected to do further studies or job training the following year.

I published that very picture together with my brothers and my uncle in my book 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now.'

Now, their grandchildren and their children will see how they looked like - my parents whom I loved so much and longed to see their happy welcoming faces every christmas.

Thank you Francis for this story.

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