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30 November 2017


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Good on yer Peter.

What a disgraceful attitude these purveyors of their hypocritical oath extrude.

Considering the number of dysfunctional people already in good old Aussie.

When can these professional self-professed so-called experts be expected to address this matter?

The old adage "Physician Heal Thyself" came immediately to my contrarian mind when I saw this abomination of a statement - what are these "professionals" doing about alleviating the disgraceful rates of domestic violence that women and children in on shore Australian Aboriginal establishments are now facing, and have been facing for years.

The Prices, both Bess and Jacinta and a few others have jointly been bringing this matter to the attention of the "establishment" for years now, to no avail. It seems that johnny-come -lately queue jumpers get preference with these city based "professionals".

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