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30 November 2017


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Interesting concept.

John, I am thinking of those iconic figures of Simbu; Kondom Agaundo, Okuk, Nilkare, Kilage, Nombri, Bergmann, Schaefer, Bal Numapo, Pat Siwi, Tom Lari etc. At least for my project, I have done some work on these characters and indeed their life stories are inspirational.

Wow, that's very cool. Thank you JK for that initiative. I guess people are start writing their tales now.

Will shoot one too...

Thanks again Chief!

We want to announce that we have received the first story for the 8 Million Possibilities - National Book Project, from Daru, Western Province today at 3 pm!!

Welcome on board Dominica!

I love inspirational stories! This is one awesome project which I believe will have an impact on the lives of our young people.

Welcome Vanessa.

And Anrnold...that would be great. That will be fantastic. There are many people with inspiring stories to tell who will need help from us to get their stories together!

Fantastic!!!! I love this concept! Exciting times ahead for you John I look forward to reading and sharing.

For this National Book Project, so far we have:

*The project on PNG Attitude, and shared widely on tweeter and Facebook.

*We are sharing it on different platforms to increase awareness.

*An Ambassador writing his story and will connect others to us

*Academics at UPNG are showing interests, with one already pledging to write, and we hope to get a variety of some very unique stories

*2 Diplomatic staff in different countries are writing their stories and will send the book concept to other PNG embassies and high commissions

*Many in PNG workforce (both government and private sector) have requested for the concept and outline via email and Facebook.

*We have a couple of Journalists who are spreading the word, and trying to record stories too where they can.

And we hope to get some stories from the community - community service, voluntary involvement.

We will not announce who is participating openly.

Please continue to share it widely and keep the interests coming.

Because so far the indication is very encouraging.

John...this is a very good initiative. There are many success stories of people I know. Can we write on their behalf? Certainly, some of the success stories amongst PNGeans that I come across are good stories for future kids to read about. They are in the areas of poliitics, business, sports and education.

Phil...I am looking forward to reading my about favourite character of the 1970s: YOKOMO. Tenk yu tru.

Many thanks Ed!

Appreciate your generous help.

We will be delighted to have your input in the Editorial department as well. Phil has also put his hands up to volunteer his time and expertise. I have asked Rashmii Bell who has also graciously and unselfishly obliged and is going out of her ways to further this cause. Given the volume of stories we are bound to receive judging by the initial responses, it will be all hands on deck.

Here's a link to the Bougainville Kindle Project's Tweet account.

It's dated 2014.

Does anyone know how it's going?

I've never heard of the Bougainville project Daniel.

Perhaps someone can tell us what's happening - Leonard?

The new project will be based on special eReaders designed for the purpose distributed to schools rather than a Kindle reader.

Phil, your mention of a digital library brought to mind the Kindle initiative on Bougainville. I wonder if you, or anyone, has any objective information on how that is working out.

Great news, John: I'll be delighted to volunteer my editorial/advisory services, if needed.

On Phil's comment about Yokomo, I have bound copies of all of the School Papers for PNG primary schools (aka "Kundu" and "Garamut") which our team at the Publications and Broadcast Branch produced during 1969-73 which constitute about 800 different stories including around 50 Yokomo stories I wrote - and which, hopefully, will be uploaded to the digital library.

There's going to be some very good news for PNG children and books in early 2018.

An organisation whose advisory board I have agreed to sit on is developing digital libraries for use in primary schools.

They are currently looking for children's writers and eBook readers suitable for the program.

PNG Attitude will be acting as an information outlet for the program.

For those older readers expect a big comeback for the iconic 'Yokomo'.

Pukpuk lodges copies of its books with the PNG National Library as a matter of course and encourages its authors to do so as well.

I've been corresponding with CreateSpace to see if they will be printing books in their new Melbourne premises instead of in the USA, thus saving the high freight rates. So far no luck but they say it's in the pipeline.

Thank you Jordan.

Children in Papua New Guinea would love to about your story.

Brilliant concept, John! I'm very excited about this book project and the potential of influence it has for our young people.

Jordan - I agree with you about schools competition and anthologies. Glad to contribute my help when you're ready to pursue this idea.

John, this is indeed an excellent initiative. Kudos for that. I've been thinking about similar initiatives for a long time. It's time to start short story or poetry competitions for secondary schools and publish anthologies.

Getting our work published in PNG is almost impossible. I tried UPNG Press twice and on both occasions, they said to publish my books but never did. No explanations were given.

So I've been publishing my own work for some time and helped a few PNG writers publish their work too. I've finally got around to getting PNG ISBN and been catalogued so any book I publish is archived by our National Library.

Love the idea and I am definitely contributing.

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