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14 October 2017


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Robert Wilson

Amongst this emotional wave of anguish and rancour, lets not forget that a high % are economic refugees and whilst there are certain groups who were persecuted for their beliefs, many of these "travellers" do not fall in that capacity and have in fact paid considerable sums of money to the people smugglers who usually encourage them to destroy all their documentation that would have allowed for quick ID & classification. Being a suspicious character or perhaps someone who ask questions first before jumping, I wonder why they would do that? The answer is probably because they do not want anyone to find out the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

May I interrupt, Robert. KJ here. For someone who professes such commitment to truth, I must say you're remarkably sloppy with your numbers. Statistics tendered to the PNG Supreme Court have shown that 87.7% of the detainees on Manus have valid claims for protection as legitimate refugees. Not "high % economic refugees", Robert, fair dinkum ones. Anyway, back to you and your "facts" - KJ

It is also a fact that a ever increasing number of these so called refugees who were shoe horned into Australia in the early Rudd/Gillard years are now regular travellers back to their home countries often for the purpose of involving themselves in those home politics whilst still feeding off the Australian welfare system.

All is not so clear cut as emotional supporters would have us believe.

I do however feel far more compassion for the poor old PNG citizen who regularly gets dumped upon on high from all and sundry!

Daniel Kumbon

Missionaries live and preach the Gospel in countries where these refugees come from to go to heaven.

But why can't Australia allow the refugees on Manus Island to settle there?

It would be more humane if Australia sends them back to their own countries for six deaths in captivity on PNG soil is one too many.

Trouble is, Daniel, the people designated as genuine refugees (and that's 90% of them) are escaping terror and violence in their own countries. They are between the devil and the deep blue sea - KJ

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