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23 October 2017


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'Midnight Blue' is now available as a paperback on Amazon.

I haven't done a Kindle version because there are photos in the middle and it's too complicated.

I wrote the book mainly for my family but it seems to have attracted a general readership in Elizabeth and South Australia.

Congrats, Phil! Look forward to reading. Love the cover.

For several years there wasn't a local footy team in Elizabeth Richard and everyone barracked for Port Adelaide.

When Centrals came along a lot of Elizabeth people deserted Port.

If you twist my arm I'll admit to a fondness for Port Power.

There is a segment in the memoir about sport. It mostly chronicles my attempts to play various games, mostly as a way of impressing girls. But with three left feet, a discordant mind and a repugnance for punctuality I was an abysmal failure.

I could run very fast though and did quite well at athletics. Cleaned up big time in the foot races in the annual De Havilland staff picnics.

I daresay you've included some sporting memorabilia in your estimable collection of memories, Phil.

Elizabeth Oval, for instance, is the home ground of Central Districts of the South Australian National Footy League. They wear Footscray colours --- red, white and blue.

There'd be plenty of old-timers who had or still have memories of great footy matches played against the old enemies --- Port Adelaide, Sturt, Norwood and Glenelg.
And on the memories and recall of our older mates and family members I'd be a trifle wary.

Many of these memories have been embellished or shone up in such a way as to place a more favourable light on the aforesaid memories.

But not all old timers tidy things up in their memories. Last September as the official historian of the Bendigo F.L. I interviewed a centenarian who had played in Eaglehawk Football Club's premiership wins in 1935 and in the early years of WW2.

He was as sharp as a button. Recalled on-field tactical moves, who kicked goals and who led at each quarter break from the 1935 grand final. And we're talking 80-odd years ago.

I know what he said was accurate as I consulted the old Bendigo Advertiser files of the period and there was the hard copy print exactly as old Harold had relayed to me.

So in your memories of Elizabeth Phil I'm sure you will have, or are about to, include Look Backs in Sport. After all as we both know, sport is the fabric or glue which binds many communities together.

And BTW, born in 1948. You're still a chicken. From our ASOPA team of 1962-63 of which KJ is a member, most were born while WW2 was still raging. Some even as far back in 1938 or '39.

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