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30 October 2017


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There was a well-known Anglican priest in South Australia who became a Catholic priest many years ago Garry, I think his name was John Fleming.

I would think that there is now an imperative to allow the ordination of women into the priesthood and the marriage of priests following the revelations about the sexual abuse of children.

But back to the issue of women's equality - there is a conundrum here for many feminists and that is the fact that strident assertions of equality by women adds to the fear that men hold. And it also probably adds to the fears of conservative women who see no reason to change the status quo.

A good illustration of this latter point are the reactions of some people towards the success of 'My Walk to Equality'. That much of this has been directed at its editor, Rashmii Bell, is unsettling.

I'm not sure how this can be fixed. The more women assert their right to equality the more fear they generate.

This has always been so, witness the derogatory descriptions of feminists as overall-clad dykes, but it is also around in a much subtler form, which is related to the fear I describe.

How you exert your rights for equality with being considered overly aggressive is a real problem.

Phil writes “Why won’t the Catholic Church condone the idea of female priests? Why does it insist on celibacy in its priests?”

Personally I would not be surprised, or upset, if in the near future the Catholic Church decides to allow the ordination of married lay men. (It already accepts married Anglican priests into its fold.)

I think that eventually the ordination of women to the priesthood will also be accepted.

Phil’s remarks also pose the question about whether we are witnessing a radical worldwide change in female-male relationships in all cultures, even the Islamic culture. Taim bilong ol Meri!

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