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09 October 2017


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I and my wife went back to Madang in January this year to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary at the same church we were married in.

Needless to say, our friends and old work colleagues we were lucky to catch up with did not allow us to roam around at night and the obvious barbed wire mentality evident around most houses, the swarms of security guards inside all business houses and in shopping centre car parks, the guards controlling entrance gates was a stark warning that all is not well in the state of paradise.

I can see the town council of which my to be wife was the deputy town clerk back in the 70's have lost total control over policing the town with respect to where people set up their little businesses.

How frustrating it must be to have the ubiquitous Digicel umbrella on the roadside verge in front of your house.

Enough said about the condition of roads in the town itself, Madang is fast regressing into a coastal village with bush roads akin to what we were used to seeing in remote villages where there was 4WD access during the dry season.

The one remaining grace was that the grubby developers, greedy business men and corrupt politicians have not got their hands on the golf course. I did enjoy my rounds of golf.

Still love the place, its people and continue to call it my home away from home.

Very, very sad. During my sixteen years living in Madang, on and off between 1971 and 2003, I never once felt insecure.

Thanks Scott, we just need to be steadfast and keep raising this issue until someone in authority stands up and does something about it.

This has been going on far enough!

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