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28 October 2017


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The Nautilus project maybe one the best visionary project ever and which the mining world may follow if successful. Prominent critics have labelled it a bad project. The project have not even begun actual mining so how can it be bad or good? Assumptions are just been made!

We have seen the destruction on biodiversity & the environment that above ground mining have done!
Mining is at depths. More than 2km so why not see what actual impact this type of mining actually does have.

If there is to be any environmental impact of any sort to the people living near the mining areas we will soon hear of it and investigations will be quickly undertaken to try to stop the project or for any possible compensation! The Directors of Nautilus and its backers would be very aware of this.

Nautilus Minerals public listed on the Toronto Stock exchange, so has some form of accountant ability and before listing would have environmentental considerations,feasibilities and forecast earnings for its project.

If deep sea mining is successful then it will make some above ground project unfeasible so it would be good news for the environment. So much money has already been spent why not see what the actual outcome is?

The comparison between Oil Search & Nautilus is somewhat misleading. Nautilus is a new form of innovative mining, if successful would help boost PNG financially and change its image as embracing and supporting innovation and modernization.

When will someone do something about those “chimneys” if not now, never, and by who?

Oil Search was a pure stock market speculation which should not have been undertaken and failed because the oil price dropped spectacularly.

It has all the ingredients of a race to the bottom and you can rest assured that Nautilus Minerals will not be carrying any of the risk.

The directors will cheat, deceive and lie through their back teeth to ensure the project proceeds.

Just take a glance at the coal seam gas projects in Queensland and the approval process. It has left us with astronomical fuel bills.

They are merely are bunch of lying cnuts and snake oil salesmen who could never sleep straight in bed.

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