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03 October 2017


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Thanks Bryan.

The cunning Peter O'Neill has deceitfully destroyed Sam Basil's political career to rock bottom. It will take something extraordinary for Basil to rise to prominence again.

Otherwise Basil has destroyed his chance of becoming prime minister by his craving and impatience. He should start thinking about exiting the government camp or else continue to be used by O'Neill in his political power game.

Thank you Bryan Kramer. This information makes sense.

Papua New Guinea needs more vibrant leaders like you.

Oh, O'Neill and Basil look alike don't they?

Rosemary & Thyme might also test O'Neill veracity.

Conversation needing respectful participation, nation-wide engagement. Thank you Bryan.

Waters stream where gravity beckons, rivulets widen, meanders become bypassed.

You have our attention and our support. Good man!

Good man.

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