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13 October 2017


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Betel nut is one of the most addictive nuts which develop physical and psychological dependency. Craving is real and the chewer becomes a slave and dependant on it. Betel nut also creates more rubbish and our towns are polluted.

Betel nut is conquering the highlands provinces and travels to the remotest areas. It is an economic means for the informal sector and solves cash flow problems. But while it has positive benefit, health risk is a bigger problem.

I don't think chewing buai is the most disgusting habit, but it certainly ranks high in the list.

My current gorge-riser is tobacco/snuff chewing in meetings where the chewer spits into a clear plastic cup. Far worse than red lips and teeth.

I wonder of buai is more carcinogenic than oral tobacco or if they're neck and neck. I remember meeting a man who had the entire left side of his lower jaw removed - that was the side he kept his chaw in.

That photograph ruined my breakfast.

Betel nut chewing has to be one of the most disgusting habits in the world.

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