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16 September 2017


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I'm wondering whether PNG actually needs an electoral roll.

The incident in Kundiawa with the enforced transparency where the public ensured everything was done properly was very interesting.

Maybe just letting everyone in the electorate rock up and vote without ticking them off a roll would work.

The only problem would then be multiple voters. Indelible ink perhaps?

And maybe independent and honest electoral officials?

Nah, forget it, that last point is insurmountable.

Kerenga Kua for PM!

So we say thank you Australia for your help with the 2017 elections.

Small comfort to the ordinary PNG voter.

What we need in PNG is Kerenga Kua as PM.

Reinstating the independence of the Electoral Commission.

Reinstating the independence of the police and judiciary.

Funding and strengthening the Ombudsman and a team like Task Force Sweep.

He'll do this.

End of the big picture story.

The rest of our election problems are local and tribal.

Great idea, Keith - but we don't need anymore enquiries of how to fix the problem as touted by Terence Wood - just the recent comments by Paul Oates, Phil Fitzpatrick and myself have brought attention to the problem and explained a process that worked admirably in country for almost two decades.

Ahead of other action, Australia should make an effort to persuade the PNG government to instigate a judicial or similarly independent inquiry into the 2017 election that will seek to explore all aspects - including matters of capability, competence and malfeasance - and report publicly on its findings and recommendations.

Australia should make its future involvement in PNG elections contingent on this inquiry being undertaken.

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