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05 September 2017


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Integrity is too little and the mass of baddies in the haus tambaran too many. The whole works in PNG stinks of corruption, lacking any integrity.

Police, defence, courts, universities, electoral commission, provincial administrations, treasuries, central bank, the whole works.

Indeed this country is one of the most corrupt nations of the world.

The late chief justice Sir Buri Kidu was indeed a true man of integrity.

I came across two other judges who sounded grim warnings I recorded in my book 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now'

The late Mari Kapi said: 'Many leaders have got into conflict with the law, the respect for authority is at its lowest ebb. This is the age of what some people elsewhere have described as a golden age of greed, the philosophy of me, and age of individualism. I will get what I want regardless of what the law says.'

In 2007 during legal year celebrations in Wabag, resident judge the late Justice Moses Jalina said: 'People are thinking everything is going to be OK. 'But in 10-20 years time, PNG will not be the same. Police are just watching crimes being committed.'

It will be interesting to see what happens to the country in the next 10 years.

Integrity has no need of rules - Albert Camus

Truly, integrity is lacking in the leadership at all levels which govern our nation.

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