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22 September 2017


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Rashmii Bell

Thank you for the feedback and comments for this piece.

Now on break from MWTE acitivity, it's good to be back into writing and lots of reading.

Mathias Kin

Rashmi, this is again a well written article highlighting in part I believe are unfair treatment the women in PNG are made to or allowed in culture to go through.

Another issue I picked up in your lines is about your working relationships with others in the Crocodile Prize organising committee. I hope we will not hear of this again.

My daughter Noglai, a high school girl, nearly gave up on writing after the Crocodile Prize event in Kundiawa in 2015. After a lot of convincing she writes again but for herself. She is into poetry mostly now.

Here is an insignificant high school student from a nothing background whose writing I thought was good enough so I encouraged her and many others to write and take part in the national CP competition.

Then gradually that fire is getting dimmer after it started so bright. Fifty percent of these writers at that time, and some of the more wonderful writers were girls like Noglai.

I am a bit disappointed and am hoping we can find our way again and go rural again to those hidden talents in those bush schools and especially our girl students who I believe with early mentoring will become good writers in their future lives and the issues of gender in PNG can be addressed well like yourself, Rashmi.

Bernard Corden

Dear Rashmii - Never give up. You remind me of Emma Goldman, who said: "If voting changed anything they would make it illegal."

Lindsay F Bond

Duelling scars once “were popular amongst upper-class Austrians and Germans involved in academic fencing,” and that was contagion among males.

Duelling skilled infliction at societal cost, eventually made redundant by legislation in affected nations.

In 1824, said Wellington to Stockdale, ‘Publish and be damned’, not a duel but fending no less. The scarring might be of a duke but the affected dudes were those who read and smirked.

Titillation at expense of others is an expectancy of most human societies, and of PNG, one recent example vied on aspects of tomato. Societal resilience is fostered from writers’ exposure of injustice and results from those who inspire social change as where written so well by Rashmii.

Michael Dom

Good reading on gaslighting

Barbara Short

Sorry to hear of your troubles Rashmii. I hope you will be able to help all the women of PNG by your stand. It is sad that there are no women in the present parliament.

I'm hope that one day all the people of PNG will realize that women need a voice, in a marriage,in the world of literature and in the parliament.

Martyn Namorong

Fair assessment. Reminds me of how Gorethy Kenneth from the Post Courier seems to cop a lot of criticism unlike many male journalists/commentators.

I also reckon Tanya Zeriga-Alone's blog There is a great blog out there by Tanya Zeriga-Alone which I think many of you will benefit from reading hasnt received the kind of promjnence it deserves

Robin Lillicrapp

Nicely expressed, Rashmii. Your realisations, hopefully, will translate in the minds of your readers as a definition of opportunity in which the national conscience is stirred by the debate.

Although you have been hurt personally in the process, it is likely that your responses will provoke a clamour from the ranks: profitable in the longer term.

A conscience awakened will be a fertile ground in which to sow the seeds of endeavour by a new crop of writers.

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