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01 September 2017


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Australian aid should be put to good use to fight corruption rather than supporting a government involved in corruption.

More aid should be given to NGOs, civil society and churches to fight corruption through awareness education and advocacy work.

Paul's comment is on the money, and question as yet unanswered might be about whether Australia's $8M was in both forecast and realisation of an election on track to intended rort?

Interesting that the commercial/media operators also failed. For example, the LoopPNG system is still stuck at 79 of the 111 seats – at least the Electoral Commission got to 85! EMTV’s YourVote 2017 also struggled.

Of course, the issue in this election is not the gadget but the actual processes which led to a fraudulent election for so many seats – from biased appointment of Returning Officers, manipulation of the Electoral Roll (many more ghost voters in PNC electorates especially in the Highlands), late movements in the electoral roll, selective distribution of ballot papers, disenfranchisement of voters, mathematical impossibilities in the count, selective counting of some ballot boxes with inconsistent application of EC directives, lack of transparency leading to the resignation of the independent Electoral Advisory Committee, manipulation of the final declaration process by some ROs with accusations of bribes etc.

In supporting democracy in the region, I hope Australia puts in something more than a woeful $8 million into the next election (especially given it is happy to put $100 million into the much less important APEC meeting in Port Moresby next year).

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