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19 August 2017


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Joe Herman

Excellent reporting, Daniel. Jimmy and Philip, you might have a point about PNC, Gamato etc , but that does not excuse the Wabag people from the killings and the childish self destruction being displayed. This needs to stop.

Lindsay F Bond

Sad to say, reported event follows undue carnage from among citizens seeking reason and respect.

Is it that what prevailed not only is ‘common sense’ but commonly-sensed legal validity?

Can provision of ‘prevention’ be inverted, as if a ‘prosecution’ order, that Constabulary doesn’t delay?

Said of state other than PNG, “legal validity governs the enforceability of law”.

Philip Kai Morre

The Wabag people are generally good people who greet people and make friends with all. I feel the pain when people die and property is destroyed because of the failed election caused by Gamato who is the puppet of Peter O'Neill.

The crisis is here for a short time but peace will last longer. At the end nature will take its own course Don Polye will go back to parliament. He is the victim of PNC and Peter O'Neill's acrimonious action.

Jimmy Awagl

Daniel this a great report of what had happened in Wabag. I think the instigator of such problems should be blamed, people like O'Neill and Gamato.

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