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21 August 2017


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Andrew Wizza Wise

The politicians of today are too blinded by their self-interest and greed.

Lindsay F Bond

Is 'game' bounded (as in matrix) or unbounded (as in living) or is responsive courage of humans?

One human has aptitude at pronouncing 'you're fired'. Hope is his legacy will not include 'it's fired'.

Philip Fitzpatrick

A further irony about the craziness of WW1 is the fact that we in Australia celebrate it as some sort of nationalist epiphany.

I am now breathlessly waiting for the announcement from Turnbull/Bishop that we are going to invade New Zealand.

I wonder if PNG will get dragged into it as our willing ally.

Unfortunately we are not living in some sort of surreal reality. It's deadly real and we are being led by a bunch of self-interested nut cases divorced from normal reality.

But don't tell Chris - he's created his own little surreality and seems to be happy there.

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