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20 August 2017


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Philip Kai Morre

Thanks Phil. To fight corruption and take steps to correct the corrupt is a complex issue that needs profound understanding and analysis of factors and underlying issues.

We need to educate the mass of the population but firstly we need to look at specific groups and try to tame their aggressive drive and reveal their authentic selves.

This could be done through self management training designed locally which is culturally, morally, spiritually and psychologically based.

We need to look at the critical mass first, maybe 20% of the population and others will fall in line.

For example, Kup Women for Peace initiated programs that changed the whole community and there were no major conflicts or problems of election related violence.

It was the same with Gor United and Community Policing where election related violence was non existent. I was involved in providing the training and intervention programs.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I can't offer any suggestions as to how corruption and electoral violence can be solved but I would like to congratulate Philip on a very fine essay.

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