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27 August 2017


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Chips Mackellar

Don't give up on them Phil. Backlash signifies success. Failure happens only when there is no response at all. Because response has come in the form of backlash means womens' writing has stirred up controvesy. They should keep writing, and with your help, they should keep publishing.

Trish Nicholson

I am more than delighted, Rashmii, if my suggestions have been in any way helpful.

The other advice, of course, that all writers know in their hearts is: never give up.

I'm an optimist, backed up by my personal knowledge of a good number of remarkable Papua New Guinean women, and I look forward to the next anthology of PNG women's writing with keen anticipation.

Rashmii Bell

Thank you Trish.

Incidentally, a comment I made previously in relation to PNG writers needing to shoulder the task of promoting their own published work stems from advice I've read in your book 'Writing Your Nonfiction Book' (Matador, 2014).

The suggestions Trish puts forward there is what readers have seen me initiate and implement regularly across social and print media to widen the reach of MWTE since publication.

Trish Nicholson

I think it is good that this shameful backlash is being discussed openly. My understanding is that sales and demand for My Walk to Equality have far exceeded expectations, not just in PNG but in Australia and elsewhere.

The backlash is a sign of this success - no success, no backlash - and it seems to me that the best response is to build on this remarkable success and go ahead with the second anthology.

No social enlightenment has been gained without struggle and a battle of words is preferable to any other.

Please, Papua New Guinea women writers, reconsider, forge ahead, your many readers and supporters have your back.

At last count, some 7,000 copies of My Walk to Equality had been sold, most of the sales sponsored so the books could be distributed free of charge in PNG - KJ

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