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22 August 2017


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arthur williams

Just a small insight for the Moresby elites and most of the recent gang of MPs who will begin living a life of Reilly while the remoter and undeveloped areas of their nation languish in continuing neglected basic standard of living of the 21st century. No shade of government has really cared for the rural poor. They only come into the equation when along comes the resource exploiter company men who live it up at their 5~star as they entertain and grease the silly leaders of the nation how their environmentally socially friendly company is dedicated to improving the life of the Hela or Misima peoples.

Even now Botten of OilSearch is pushing his Exxon and Total mates greedily eager to get the LNG flowing through its existing pipes so as to maximise profits from what Peter Koim the gas Projects Coordination Officer is reported to have told the conference in The National on June 20th 2017 “…that the country’s LNG’s production cost is also less than other LNG producing countries.”

All the oily big boys are ignoring the wishes of the landowners of the West or Gulf who want to have a stand-alone project in each of their impoverished provinces. I applaud Chris Haiveta the Gulf Governor repeating that demand this past week, “They must listen to the Gulf people and build the refinery in the Gulf.”

Botten acknowledges there is glut in LNG and likely to be so for several years but goes on to tell us idiots he can truly prophesy that there will be a huge demand in near future~. Meanwhile over 300 shiploads of LNG gas have left theses shore worth approx..K60BILLION from the state’s original K19 billion investment…But only at end of 2019 or perhaps 2020 will PNG see any revenue from it.

Wow what a wonderful deal for PNG our clever leaders made in giving Exxon and its mates carte/blanche to coin billions for years while as Daniel says patients in Hela get to hospital in a wheelbarrow. Perhaps that could be the new government’s major development plan for 2017/2022 ‘FREE WHEELBARROWS FOR LNG RESOURCE OWNERS’ with a proviso that in the watery gulf Landowners could apply for a grant to have free paddles and inflatable rubber rings.
For our information our masters explained to us that LNG was in desperate straits when world prices slumped below $50 a barrel. Yet lately we have SANTOS CEO, Kevin Gallagher reporting “…the company made further progress on reducing costs, lowering net debt and improving the free cash flow position as cash flow BREAKEVEN for 2017 now sits at $33 per barrel, well below the $47 per barrel at the beginning of 2016,”
He’s not lying because in yesterday’s announcement of the Total’s buyout of Maersk it was reported, “Maersk’s oil portfolio is profitable at prices of $30 a barrel, meaning investors can expect profitable oil flows even if the market continues to hover at around $50 a barrel in the years ahead.”………. What happened to Botten’s prophesied shortage and consequent rising barrel prices?
Until PNG has negotiators capable of getting far better deals for it people it may be better to leave the huge resources deep in the ground. Meanwhile for greater transparency the government should tell all the oil companies they must have the revenues from sale of oil and gas handled within PNG financial system and during a moratorium on new projects renegotiate all existing deals providing for Landowners to have a better percentage share in each project.
The extractive industries never change. Only yesterday I was talking with an old man whose Dad would lie on his side for ten hours in pools of water chipping out coal from an 20 inch seam of coal. He’d wash in a tub in the kitchen all for a few bob a shift. On the surface the Crawshay, Lord Bute, Tom Powell etc built mock castles and baronial halls and served food from silver platters.

Robin Lillicrapp

An inspiring insight to the figurative mountains climbed by practitioners and patients in a PNG landscape where accomplishing outcomes may be attained only by extreme difficulty.
A salute to those workers involved is but the least of available offerings.

Daniel Kumbon

I have no adequate words to describe Dr Pondikou, the missionary doctors and health professionals working in Western Province.

“The people live a very tough life even though we have a mine in the province,” he says. “Food is a problem. Cash is a problem. Many people live a very impoverished life.”

Enga has Porgera gold mine but people also live tough in places like Penale, Yengis, Hewa, Karekare, Wert etc.

The LNG project is in Hela but I saw on EMTV's Mi Report, a man transporting a patient on a wheelborrow to hospital. He had been walking for long hours on the road.

Where is PNG headed with all the proceeds from our rich resource projects?

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