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16 August 2017


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Lindsay F Bond

Maybe its a matter of what makes news, like, there are many Australians who are renters or 'landlords' who can get a handle on unpaid rent issues.
Also a hint of loss of face will impact sundry immigrant cohorts in Australia.
Also illegitimacy of government is topical this week.
So if not yet 4 Corners, there is some PNG news in "A Port Moresby real estate agency locked the doors of seven properties on August 14, saying the Government had been given enough time to address the matter."

Mark Davis

40+ reported election-related murders (who knows how many more unreported), unknown number of reprisal rapes and other extreme violence, PNC Minister arrested and formally charged with murder, tens of millions of kina worth of damage caused in each of various Highlands centres, gross rigging of the electoral roll directly under Australia's "watchful" eyes, ballot paper duplication, ballot paper manipulation, tampering with ballot boxes, electoral officials charged with various offences, double declarations.

Blatant Interference in the election campaign by the Australian Prime Minister and the Australian High Commission in support of the utterly corrupt PNC regime.

A successful election, according to Ms Bishop.

l would hate to see an unsuccessful election. As for the media, magnificent work by Eric Tlojek of the ABC and Stefan Armbruster of SBS, but they are voices in the wilderness.

Paul Oates

Well said Robin. Talk about duplicity. Never seen a better example.

Who knows how this current nationality imbroglio will plan out? Our Foreign Minister might well end up having her wings clipped?

Allan Kidston | Former DIES Contract Officer

Well said Phil Fitzpatrick. I have taken up your suggestion & emailed the ABC requesting an investigation into how Australian politicians are doing us all a disservice in aiding PNG's descent into a failed state.

Robin Lillicrapp

The Australian Foreign Minister has shown herself willing to be critical of New Zealand interference in our affairs but fails, miserably, to find anything abhorrent about our nearest neighbour's blatantly corrupt regime.

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