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13 August 2017


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I suggest Brain Kramer and Dr. Marat

Thank you,Daniel. Despite the multiple requests the project team had made of potential donors or sponsors,the MWTE project/anthology has run on an almost-entirely voluntary and self-funded basis over the past 10 months.

For this reason, only Australian-based PNG writers are participating in the festival panels.

However, we are pleased that the royalities raised from MWTE book sales have gone towards distribution of copies within PNG and, assisting other PNG authors publishing through Pukpuk Publications.

Congratulations Rashmii and the team up at the International Readers and Writers Festival on the Sunshine Coast.

I couldn’t make it. I will definitely attend it next year – 2018.

I wish that a lady like Marlene D Otoura could attend the Brisbane Writers Festival, the next international event and join Rashmii and the rest of the panel.

She is a single mum, a writer, an educator, Author and foremost she is a contributor to this milestone woman’s literary book ‘My Walk to Equality. She lost some property in a fire and evicted from the house.
Just a thought, wishing just one PNG-based contributor could take part in MWTE’s success story in Brisbane next month.

Thank you, Phil. Wendy and the SCIRWF team were just fantastic to give 'My Walk to Equality' this opportunity.

It was a terrific event; great venue, lovely people, lots of conversation and ideas shared by all. We look forward to an ongoing association with the Festival.

I'd like to mention that Sandy Pages Bookshop (Coolum) who stocked the anthology advised that all copies sold out within minutes of our panel session ending.

So a massive congratulations to the MWTE team, especially Vanessa, Phil and Helen who presented a truly inspiring session.

A big thank you to all our supporters who sent messages, or retweeted/posted messages across social media on the day.

On the question of nominating a minister - I'd be inclined to nominate those with social media accounts who've acknowledged or interacted with MWTE related tweets/FB posts that I've (and other members of the team) been flooding Twitter/Facebook and Instagram since early January. But alas, none has.

MWTE present at Brisbane Writers Festival in September - as a team panel event that I will chair, and a separate event where I will present with established Australian literary identities.

I encourage any parliamentarian (and their advisers) to take note of this milestone PNG women's literature and incorporate promoting this wonderful achievement into their daily social media activities from hereon.

I'd be delighted to see MPs Sam Basil and Rainbo Paita take up this suggestion.

Three MWTE sessions across two international literary festivals in one year! Well done to the MWTE team.

Surely Kerenga Kua would be the front runner here - as someone who would know his Tolstoy from his Nabokov.

I second Phil: Henry Ame and Gary Juffa.

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