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23 August 2017


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Max Phin

My Honorable PM, sometimes it is wise to get on your knees, bow your head
and humbly seek the wisdom from the Good God Almighty before you decide on something that may potentially have a negative impact on the lives of your people of this generation and the next.

What kind of legacy do you want your memory to live on?

Barbara Short

I heard that the PNG office in Sydney is surviving on selling visas.
Can someone get through to all these young newly elected MPs who have gone with O'Neill and now become Ministers in the PNG government... the country is broke!... the country is in debt... they need to stop all the DSIP funds and use the money to improve the hospitals. They shouldn't be borrowing any more to improve the hospitals. The DSIP funds should have been used to improve the hospitals but I guess it wasn't. So much has been wasted... no acquittals.

Michael Dom

Em nau!

O'Neil the PNG budget is not your private cheque book.

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